• 23 Agosto 2016

Money or life

The robbers ask you your money or your life. Women want both.
So used to write Samuel Butler in the end of the Nineteenth Century. He had seen far ...

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  • 23 Luglio 2016

We decline ideas and thoughts in the leather fashion

The lightness, strength, fit, elegance, informality, convenience, comfort, style, personality.
A garment made with the finest leather is all of that....

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  • 17 Febbraio 2016

Arti e Mestieri, a story of challenge and design

In the beginning it were the walking gloves.
From that accessory, sophisticated and elegant, up to the current production of leather clothing it was ...

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  • 19 Gennaio 2016

On Spring we speak black leather .

With spring just at the door the spotlight are pointing on the new Spring Woman Collection 2016.
A line in the name of black leather made of lightw...

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